J.M. Johnson has published one book and is currently working on another.  She lives near Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Her books are set in Northern B.C. where she grew up in a softer, gentler time. 

Besides writing, blogging and trying to get rich, she sings with a competitive chorus.  She likes to read mysteries, a little bit of suspense/horror and self help books.  She cooks when necessary, exercises to keep healthy and gardens sporadically.  Travelling is a great joy and she has managed to visit Germany, France and Vietnam.  She looks forward to seeing more of the world in the next few years.

If she never gets rich, never gets on the New York Times bestseller list or never becomes famous, it won't matter.  She already leaves a rich legacy in her six grandchildren.

Tony and Irma live a peaceful life in Northern Canada. Summer days are long and relaxing. Until everything changes in an instant and they are forced to confront life as it was a hundred years ago.
Soon their quiet home is filled with an assortment of refugees, fleeing a worldwide disaster.

Available on Amazon - They Called it the Incident


 "Intrusion" A short story published in "The Way Through" an anthology of Canadian short stories.  Publisher: Polar Expressions

Short story - "Frying Pan to the Fire"

published on website 50 word stories - December 10, 2018

Readers Digest - "As Kids See It" - December 2018



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